Rose Day Sms – Rose Day 2019 Date, Quotes and Celebrations

“Rose Day Sms”

Internation free New Rose day sms is celebrated on the frist Saturday of july and how can you skip celebrating Rose  day sms ? Yes go and hug your loved ones let them know you and care for them.

  • valentine day is the true epitome of showing your endless love towards love towards your friends,beloveds or even relatives.

valentine day sms beloved tight and make feel special and on top of The world. Rose day .us on Facebook and moreover like us on facebook to get a new notice.

Rose day sms

“Rose Day Sms”

Ek rose unke liye

Ho milte nahi roz roz,

Magar yaad aaate hai.

******Har roz*******


इक गुलाब अनके लेये

हो मिल्ते नहीं रोज़ रोज़,

मागर याद आगत है

****हर रोज ********


Rose Day Sms

Meri deevangi ki koyi

       Hadh nahi,

Teri ssurat k siwa muje,

     Kuch yaad nahi.

Main gulab golab hoon.

    Tere gulshan ka,

Tere siwaye mujhw pe,

Kisi ka haq nahi…..


मेरी दीवानगी की कोयी

*****हाद न,****

तेरी सूस चूहा के सिवा मुजे

कु छ यद न…….

मुख्य गुलाब का गोला

तु गुलशन का,

तेरे सिग्वे मुजव पे,

केसी का अधिकार नहीं.

******खुश डेली*******


A single rose for u for

Being in my life thank

You so mush to complete

*******My life*******



Every bird cannot dance,

    Bit peacock do it.

Every friend can not.

Reach my heart,

But u did it.

Every flower cannot.

    Express love

But rose love,

But rose do it..


Rose Day Sms

Thank you to complete my life,

********Happy rose day.*****


    There is no feeling more.

    Comforting and consoling

Tjan knowing you are right next

    To the one you love.



“Rose Day Sms”

Words cannot fully express,

How I feel about you.

For me, you are a source of,

Happiness love love & strength.


       There is no feeling more.

       Comforting and conoling,

Than knowing you are right next.

            To the one you love…..

********Happy rose day*********


a singale rose can

 Be my garden.

 A single friend, my world.

*******Happy rose day.*****


Ur heart is a beautiful garden.

My friend is a small rose in ur garden

Ols dant cut rose for any reason,

At any reason happy rose day.


Rose Day Sms

उर दिल एक खूबसूरत हिस्सा है।

मेरा दोस्त उर बाग में एक छोटा सा गुलाब है.

किसी भी कारण से ओल्स डैंट कट गुलाब,
किसी भी कारण से खुशहाल दिन।


A rose by any other name

Would still never be as sweet

******As you, my love*****

Heres wishing you a rose

Day as special as you are.


“Know what”

Nothing can,

Replace you

In my life.



  Believeme , you re the ane,

Wham my heart finds,,,,,

Wham my mind reminds me of

Wham my desting mants

 Aham I love the mast…..


Ek rose

Unke liye

Jo milte nahi roz roz,

Magar yaad aate

Hai har roz.

Happy rose day


Roses are beautiful language of love,

What we can not speak roses are said

This rose for you with my deep love.

*************Happy rose day*********


Agr kuch banna hei to gulaab bno.

Kyuki gulaab uske,

Hatho me bhi khusbu.

Chpr deta hai jo ise msl,

Kr fek deta hai.



Rose Day Sms

Sweeter than the candies.

Lovelier than the red roses,

More hug gable than.

Soft toys that’s what youre,

“Heres wishing you”

*****A rose day****

That’s as special as youre,


Any I can love rose.

But no 1 love a leaf that,

Made the rose.


Love someone

Who is beautiful.

But love the one

Who can make ur life beautiful,.

“Happy rose day”


There is no feeling.

More comforting and,

Consoling than next.

To the one you love.


Anyone can love a rose.

But no one will love a leat that.

Made the rose……..

Don’t love someone who is beautiful,

But love the one who can.

Make you life beautiful.


I am sending red roses

To my dream girl,

Just to let you knou.

That you as precious

To me as flowers are to bees.

“Happy rose day”


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