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“” Love Sms In English””

So this above given is the new Love Sms In English . romantic love SMS.There are the million of people who use WhatsApp and require Love status and Sad Status for it .

  • Hindi SMS photo Hindi love SMS for a girlfriend – The best heart broken romantic Shayari and love SMS for girlfriend That why I mother helping the all-inclusive community to revive Best Love status in Hindi English.

  • In this site, I circulate all compose status like disposition worship diverting cool etc. Hindi love sad SMS.

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“” Love Sms In English””


love sms in english

For every day, I miss you.
For every hour, I need you.
For every minute , I feel you,
For every second, I want you.
…Forever, I love you…

My smile for you Will never fade.
My heart for you Will never break.
My love for you Will never end.

A pretty face Gets old a nice
Body will Change. But a
Good woman Will always be a
*****Good woman.*****

“” Love Sms In English””

Makeup doesn’t make,
You prettier. Money
Doesn’t make you richer.
Because real ealth and
Real beauty depends on.
How you value yourse lf.

Love Sms In English

One day you re
Going to remember
Me and how much
…..I love you…
Then you re Gonne hate
Yourself For Letting me go.

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If a man wants
You, nothing can.
Keep him away,
If he doesn’t
Want you nothing
Can make him stay.

You can’t find,
The right person if.
You’re still.
Holding on the
Worng one.

Sometimes keep my feelings
…..To my self …..
Because its hard to find someone
****Who understands.*****


Life has knocked meDown a few times.
It Has shown me things Never wanted to see.
Have experienced Sadness and failures.
But one thing for sure 
I always get up.

love sms in english

“” Love Sms In English””

      Love the one who Loves you.
 Respect the One who deserbes it.
Value those who take Care of you.and forget
those who don’t deserve you 

Take my eyes but,
Let me see you.
Take my mind but,
Let me think about you.
Take my hand but,
Let me touch you.
But don’t try to,
Take my heart.

Don’t say I love you with
Mind say this statement with
Botton of your heart.

When someone says you pretty,
That means he like your look.
When someone says you ravishing, that
Means he like you body.
When someone says you beautiful
****then he like you.****

love sms in english

 “”  Ture love means””
To feel someone in every Hearbeat,
To find someone in every  Thought,
To see someone with Colosed eyes,
And to miss someone 
Without reason.

Love is always full time,
Never part time,
Never sometimes,
And certainly ont
Just on your time.

A real man gives His lady the
Attention she deserves,
Gives her All of his love calls
Her beautiful,and
Treats her like a queen.

“” Love Sms In English””

In the present, where
All seems doubtful,
Only one thing
Is definite and
Perfect you will
Always be my love.

love sms in english

If I never met you,
I wouldn’t like you.
If I didn’t like you,
I wouldn’t love you.
If I didn’t love you
I wouldn’t miss you.
But I did I do
And I will.

“” Love Sms In English””

Sometimes when I say I’m okay.
Want someone to Look me in the
Eyes me in the Eyes, hug me Tight and say,
**** I know you’re not.***

I am a good enough
Person to forgive you but
Not stupid enough to trust
*******You agin.*******

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