Kiss Day – Romantic Kiss Day Shayari, Quotes in Hindi for Girlfriend


on the kiss day  is celebrated on the frist Saturday of july and how can you skip celebrating  New valentine day ?

  • Yes go and hug your loved ones let them know you and care for them. Hug day is the true epitome of showing your endless love towards love towards your friends,beloveds or even relatives.

kiss day sms beloved tight and make feel special and on top of The world Hug day.  

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kiss day

प्यार अंधा होता है;

बहुत दयालु रहो;

जब मैं तुम्हें चुंबन देता हूं.

कृपया बुरा मत मानो।


Love is blind;

Be very kind;

When I kiss you.

Please don’t mind.


एक चुंबन विशेष थिंह है कि आप.

देने के बिना नहीं ले सकते हैं,

और आप बिना किसी मजाक के दे सकते हैं।

आइए हमारा आदान-प्रदान करें।


kiss day

A kiss is special thinh that you

    Can’t take without giving,

And you can’t give without aking.

           Let’s exchange ours.


अगर चुंबन गड़बड़ सिर्फ इतना कहता है
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ, मेरे होंठ होंगे
हमेशा के लिए आप पर।


If kiss coud say just how much

I love you , my lips would be.

*****On yours forever*******


आपका चुंबन धड़कता है.
हर मीठा चीज है कि,
पृथ्वी पर मिला …


kiss day

    Your kiss beats

Every sweet thing that is

Found on the earth…


Kiss is the,

First language.

Of love that,

We understand.


A kiss is a lovely trick designed.

       By nature stop speech.

         When word become



Humne chaha h jinhe,

Wolakho me ek h,

Jaana h humne unhe,

Wo dil ke bhi nek h,

Unki diwani to sari

****Duniya h****

Lekin hamari to,

Duniya hi woe k hai.


          Life ia a gift nature;

         Love is a gift of life;

   And a kiss is the gift of love.

I am simply longing for your lips.


You hugs and kiss like the stars.

  ****** That light up*****

My life when ny life gets dark.

“Happy kiss day Sweethrart”


            “””” Kiss Day”””

I will love you all.

    My life and,

When I die I will.

   Still love you.

Through eternity,

     And beyond.


  “”””  KISS””””

K : kindhearted.

I : implant to.

S : stimulate my.

   S : senses.


                 “”””Kiss Day”””

    On kiss day.

      I wish that,

My each day was.

Full of same mare.

Moment like this.


A kiss can never be a kiss.

Until it’s shared with a beautiful miss.

Coloured with a shinniing red lipper;

And planted on seductive pouched lips.

@@@@ Keep kissing on kiss day @@@@


kiss day

Hontho se tere honto ko geela kar duu,

Tere hontho ko me aur bhi raseela kar duu,

Tu iss kadar pyar kre ki pyar ki intha ho jaye,

Tere hontho ko chus kar tijhe aur bhi josila kar

      @@@@@@@@@ duu @@@@@@@

           ********* HAPPY KISS DAY********


  wanna say on kiss day,

Your kiss is the one thing.

That turns mu any day great.


Love is hert You are sweet.

When two Lips are meet.

Love is Complete.



Never kiss a lady police,

She will say hands up.

Never will say next pls.

Always kiss a lady teacher,

She will say repeat it 5 time.


Romance depends on age.

18 year din rat

28 yrs har rat

38  yrs har jumerat

48 yrs sirt chand rat.

58 yrs sirt jazbat

68 yrs nhi krte buri bat.


kiss day

“””Kiss is hert””””

but its very Sweet,

when two leapt Meet.

Love is complete.


I’ll give you one kiss to go to Sleep.

I’ll give you two kisses To dream.

I’ll of kisses when You wake up in,

the morning Think of me.


Proposing you was desire,

Having you is my jackpot,

Loving you is my habit

Pleasing you is my duty,

Missing you is my hobby,

And kissing you is my wish.


The fluffu cloud may kiss the sky;

The rose may kiss a butterfly;

The morning dew may kiss the grass;

But you my friend may kiss my lips.


Kiss is the key of love,

Love is the lock of marriage,

Marriage is the box of children,

And too many children means

More problem for the world

So please stop kissing &

Save the world for a while.


The best kind of Relationship is

When they re Not only your

Lover, but your Best friend too.


I never thought love.

   Could fee like this,

Then you changed my.

World with just a kiss.



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