Good Night Sms Love – 50+ Good Night Text Messages to Send Someone You Love

Good Night Sms Love

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Good Night Sms Love

Thinking about you is the tiping
Point where my nightmares end and
Sweet dreams being… have a sweet dreams !


आपके बारे में सोचना टिपिंग है
प्वाइंट जहां मेरे दुःस्वप्न समाप्त होता है और
मीठे सपने … एक मीठे सपने हैं!

Don’t get upset with people or situations
Both are powerless without yourreaction.
good night & sweet dream


लोगों या परिस्थितियों से परेशान मत हो
दोनों अपर्याप्तता के बिना शक्तिहीन हैं।
…… शुभ रात्रि मधुर सपने ……..♣
good night good night good night good night good night

Remembering those days which were so right,
Reminances & nostalgic visions come insight,
Dreams of u I shall dream tontic
Yes my love a very . GOOD NIGHT !!

Give the oncs you love,
Wings to fly ,
Roots to come back
And reasons to stay
good night ,,,

Good Night Sms Love

You are on your bed
I am on my bed
this is a wrong place
where we are not one place.
Good night lovey girl !!

Every time I say good night
I am really saying
I love you !
 good night & sweet dream.


हर बार जब मैं अच्छी रात कहता हूं
मैं वास्तव में कह रहा हूँ
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ !
 शुभ रात्रि मधुर सपने

Good Night Sms Love

True love doesn’t have
Happy ending,
Because true love
Doesn’t end….

Good Night Sms Love

The stars are shining,
and the wind is blowing,
everything seems still and perfect
awaiting for earth’s angel to rest
her head
on the pillow and close her eyes…
 good night & sweet dream.

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Confidence is key, some times
You need to look like you are confident
Even you are not…
 good night & sweet dream.

Night doesn’t become beautyfull with star
Studded sky & full moon. It’s become beautiful
When you go to sleep and let stars & moon
Admire ur inno cence…

Good Night Sms Love

When I looks towards to moon in the night
then I see u in it.
That time is most beautiful for me,
my One and Only one my lovely boy…
….. Good night !!

I wish ,I could come
into you Dream
And make it so awesome
Good night my Love….!!


काश मैं आ सकता
आप में सपना
और इसे बहुत बढ़िया बनाओ
शुभरात्रि मेरे प्यार…!!

Forgot All worries, Go on the bed
And Saw me in the dream
Miss u love..
good Night My Sweetheart !!

You are my moon and i am your moon light,
We never seprate to each other.
Good night Handsome Boy…..!!

Good Night Sms Love

One day I wish my dream would come true ,
And I would wake up next to you ,
Till then good night & sweet deams !!

If someone wishes you good night
Every day, you are happier than
So many people   ………  !!

For sister
There is no better friend than asister
And there is no better sisterthan you
 good night my sweet sister !!

Dear sister, I send lovely good night
Wishes for you. I hope you sleep well
and not disturb me with your
wake up calls in the early morning  !!

as the moon light dims
and the world goes quiet,
give yourself some rest,
here’s to hopping that your sleep
is as sweet as you are…
Good night my dear !!

A million star on the sky
Is your light that shines, that is bright,
A million kisses I send to you,
I wish to you … Good night !!

Whenever I think
About my love for you
I see all my dreams
Coming true….
good night friend

Another day ends and we
look forward 2 a new daywith great anticipation.
But a true friendship never ends
whatever the passage of time.
Good Night !!

Good Night Sms Love

My msg may b latebut it will be sweet
it may be short,but it wil b cute
 my msg may not have perfection
But it will hav afection
 Good Night !!

Here are my SPECIAL WISHES for you tonight:
A Night Full of Love, A Peaceful Sleep,
A Beautiful Dream,
and A prayer that will come true

Victory is not the property of brilliants.
It is the crown for thosewho bow
themselves in front of hard work & confidence
………. GOOD  NIGHT ……

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