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Welcome tothe  sorry sms section of this site. Sometime our friends are angry and its because of our Own mistake and when we realize it we feel that should say sorry , at this stage the problem of how to say sorry arises. For that reason we have compiled a nice list of  sorry quots , some decent poetry for saying sorry . we hope you will love our collection and give your feedback by voting each sorry sms.

  • People search internet for sorry sms by entering these terms apologetic sms remorseful sms and sms unhappy sms repentant sms etc. so have and enjoy these sms sorry quotes.  

Sorry sms

Galti karke who galti ka naam puchhate hain,
Dard dekar who dawa ka naam puchhate hain,
Mar gaye hum unki isi adaa pe,
Hokar meri jaan meri jaan ka naa puchhate hain.


गलति करके जो गलति का नाम पुछते है,
दरद देकार जो दावा नाम पुछते हैं,
मार गय हम हम इसानी पे,,
होकर मेरी जान मेरि जान की ना पुछते हैं।

sorry sms

   “I am SORRY”

I fight with you…!
I shout at you,,,,,,!!
I do misbehave,,,,!
I hurt you a lot….!!
But I simply can’t live
Without you…..!!
I am sorry………!

Aaj maine khud se ek voda kiya hai,
Maafi manguga tujhse tujhe ruswa kiya hai.
Har mod par rahunga main tere saath saath.
Anjane me maine tujhko bahut dard diya hai.


अज मेन खूद से इक वोडा किया है,
माफ़ी मांगेगा तुझसे तुझे रुसवा किया है।
हर मोद बराबर रहुंगा मुख्य तेरे साथ।
अंजने मेरे मन तुझको बहत दरद है।

sorry sms

For godly sorrow.
Produces Leading to,

Sorry Sms I know I didn’t mean any.
Single word I said I was just,
Tensed please forgive me you.
Know I cannot sleep without,
A hug form you let the angr go.
*******  I AM SORRY*****


मैं घुटने का मतलब मेरा मतलब नहीं था.
एकल शब्द मैंने कहा कि मैं बस था,
परेशान कृपया मुझे माफ़ कर दो.
पता है मैं बिना सो नहीं सकता,
एक गले लगाओ जिसे आपअगर जाने देते हैं।
……मुझे क्षमा करें………

Sorry Sms

I am so sorry ever since.
I have hurt you.
I have been feeing
Really miserahle.
Let’s he friends again please.

sorry sms

मि केलिल्या चुकिंमुले तुमि दुखावें।
साहजीक आहे मोहे पनाने माफ़ करल,
हिच इक विनन्ती आ माला खर्चा माफ़ कर।


Mi kelelya chukinmule tumhi dukhavne.
Sahjikach aahe mothe panane maaf karal,
Hich ek vinanti aahe mala kharch maaf kara.

Sorry Sms

Sorry is a small word for the big
The mistake I’ve made. But believe
Me the price of my action I”ve,
Heavily paid. Every single second.
Away from you is like a dagger in,
My hart. Punish me any way you,
Want to. but I can’t stand being apart.

Sorry Sms

   I am not perfect,
 I make mistakes,
    I hurt people.
But when I say sorry,
  I mean it.

Ye ishq walo ki kismet buri hoti hai,
Har mulakat judai se judi hoti hai,
Kahi bhi deh lena azmakar,
Sacche pyar ko judai hai
Naseeb hoti hai…..


ये इश्क़ वालो की क़िस्मत ब्यूरो होति है,
हर मुलकात जुदाई से जुडी होति है,
काहे भी दे लीना आजमाकर,
सांचे प्यार कोय जुदाई है
नसीब होति है … ।।

sorry sms

“”I am sorry””

If hurt you……
But I want you….!
To know this……!
….I love you….
I really……..!!
Really do…….!!!

Sorry Sms

 Sisters are the blessings of Allah.
But I did not care of my sweet sister.
 I am mean I know but know…!!!
I realized who I am and what I was doing.
Sorry sister try to forget my behavior.

सच्चा प्यार वो हो गया है,
गलति न होन पार भई अपन रिष्टा।
बचन के लइये माफ कर देबे हे।


Saccha pyar wohi hota hai jo apni,
Galti na hone par bhi apna rishta.
Bachane ke liye sorry bol dete hai.

sorry sms

I am sorry. For not being
A good muslim, friend,
Ans son. Punish me for
How I act. Not for who
……. I AM……

Faasle dosti me kabhi aate rahte he,
Dosti phir bhi do dilo ko deti he,
Jo khafa na ho jaye wo dost kaise hota,
Sachi dosti phir bhi dosti ko mila he deti he.


फासले दोस्त मुझे कब आये वो,
दोस्ती फिर भी करो दिलो को वो,
जो खफा ना हो जाए कोई दोस्त हो जाए,
साची दोस्ती फ़िर भी दोस्ती मैं मिल्की वो।

It is surrendering to the heart for someonespecial.
From the bottom of the for someone special.

Sorry Sms

Until you tell me that it is okay
I will suffer every single day
Until you tell me that it is alright
I won’t be able to sleep at night
Until you decide to forgove me
I will forever keep saying sorry
I am sorry

I am feeling ashamed and want to say
Sorry to you for the rough behavior
And rude actions from my  side.
I hope you will forgive me.

S: sincere apologies
O: obnoxious
R: recent
R: ruthless
Y: yelling

sorry sms

Apology doesn’t mean that
You were wrong,
Or the other person was right.
It means that your relationship
Is valuable than your ego.

Yee ishq walo ki Kismet buri hoti hai,
Har mulakat judai Se judi hoti hai,
   Kahi bhi dekh lena Azmakar ,,,,!!
       sacche Pyar ko judai hi…..!!
Naseeb hoti hai…..!!

I am sorry for hurthing your
Feeling, I take back my words,
Will hope you forgive me..

Sorry Sms

     “”Sorry Sms””

My lies may have
Been the dark clouds,
But your forgiveness
Will be the silver
Lining. I am sorry.

  “”I am sorry””
For loving you more
Then my Self respect

Sorry Sms

    I am no good at love When my easy,
 Heart I yield Eild words come.
   Tumbling from my mouth.
Which should have Stayed concealed;
And my jealovsy Turns a bed of bliss,
   ****** Into a battlefield ******

I am sorry if hurt you,
 I did not mean to.
You are the love of my life
Come back to me.

Sorry Sms

I never meant to Hurt you…..
I will always love You ,,,
you are my Everything….!!
 ***** I am sorry.****

I committed a sin And made you sad;
And am realizing That I am very bad.
So please forgive Me to lessen the
Griet your Forgiveness will
…..  Lead to a huge…!

sorry sms

I am not perfect But I am still me.
The same guy Who holds you
   In his arms Because you’ re
 All that matter to him….!!

there is nothing in the whole
word that I will allow to come
in between our friendship not
…..even my own mistake…
  *****I AM SORRY.***

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